Leeds (Night)Life

For me, the University I went to had to have good nightlife. Where better than Leeds? Endless clubs and bars to explore, with DJ’s from all over the world coming to Leeds to play each week. There is no doubt that in Leeds we are spoilt for choice. As I’m sure we all miss going out, this post will rank my favourite places for a night out in Leeds with some honourable mentions at the end.

5. Headrow House

Headrow house has featured in previous posts as a great place to go for a cheap steak and chips and a pint on the terrace, but it also ranks highly for a Leeds night out! With it previously being home to infamous Bobby’s Disco people began to love Headrow for a night out. Reasonably priced drinks, easy to get to, two large rooftop terraces up above the Leeds city centre, what more could you want? As Bobby’s Disco relocated to The Warehouse it became a less frequently visited venue but is known for bringing in some big names. With a Leeds based duo Prospa having a residency at Headrow this year it was a great cheap Thursday night which was hard to say no to. In recent years Headrow house has had the likes of Leon Vynehall, Nightmares on Wax, Folamour, Crazy P, Mall Grab and others play.


Reasonably priced drinks/tickets

Rooftop terraces

Terrace parties

Centre of town


Needs more nights!!!

4. Beaverworks

Beaverworks is a venue which a lot of people describe as you either love it or you hate it. It features so highly for me because it has provided some of the best nights I have had at Uni. If you are going to Beaverworks you are most likely gearing up for a big night, with a large pres, and a guaranteed huge night ahead whether you like it or not. It is undoubtably an iconic Leeds nightclub and a cultural experience. With 6 unique rooms with quality sound systems and a massive capacity it is no wonder so many big artists play here and so Beaverworks manages to bring in some of the best lineups in the city. Whether it is a Goodlife, Cirque, Highrise or Boombox Circus you can always guarantee you’ll see people you know at Beaverworks on a Friday or Saturday. So long as you go to Beaverworks in moderation, and get a good group together it will provide a good night but be wary of the Uber prices and losing your friends!


Good lineups

Good events

Plenty of rooms

Large smoking area


Uber prices

Ticket prices

Losing your friends

Can get Repetitive

3. Mint Warehouse

This is another iconic Leeds venue that if you do it right, will guarantee a good night! Mint Warehouse, like Beaverworks is notorious for bringing in massive names and hosts some unforgettable nights. After recently having a massive refurb it is looking like it will continue to be one of Leeds top venues, with a new terrace area looking great for summer events. The new bespoke sound system will make it louder than ever and see it hosting some of the best future events Leeds has to offer.


Good lineups

LED roof

Great sound system

Nice smoking area


Cash Only

2. Sheaf Street

Sheaf Street Cafeteria is one of Leeds’ most distinctive clubs, loved by me and many students. The infamous wall of screens behind the decks give it a special feel and this is matched by the tunes which will not disappoint. If you asked most students who’d been to Sheaf Street they will most likely tell you they’ve never had a bad night there, with popular events being Hyde House where DJ’s such as Laurence Guy, Adryiano and Harrison BDP all have played. At number two its definitely worth a visit for fun night and something a bit different to your usual Leeds vibe.


Unique venue

Nice smoking area

Good events

Terrace parties


Far from student area

Expensive drinks

  1. Wire

Without a doubt my number 1 would have to be Wire. There’s a number of reasons why this venue is the one which we go to the most. Not only is it a unique nightclub experience but week in week out there are top-end DJ’s from who play a range of music, all coming to Wire. As one of Britains premier underground venues it hosts quality nights with an intimate environment which you cannot get anywhere else. The club has hosted nights from some of the world’s best DJ’s such as Four Tet, Peggy Gou, Ben UFO, Hunee and many others. As a student in Leeds you can almost guarantee Wire will be bringing in some of the greatest talent and showcase your favourite music live, in such a small venue which makes it extra special. Keep a watch out for who’s playing because its worth a visit!


Intimate, unique venue

Great soundsystem

Top artists

Reasonably priced drinks

Good price tickets


Smoking area on street

Can be warm

Burst eardrums – you can get earplugs there

Obviously, being Leeds there is so many more clubs and nights out which are quality and deserve honourable mentions.

Honourable Mentions:

Canal Mills – Gone but not forgotten, bring back the Garden Party!

Walkabout – Classic Wednesday night, you will not get any better value than this!

Distrikt – One of the best bars/clubs you will find. Worth a visit for sure.

Freedom Mills – Great venue, rarely has events. Take your earplugs

Dominoes Bar/Club – See for yourself.

Those were my top Leeds clubs! Each of them have so much to offer and will not let you down. I hope that I haven’t made you miss going out too much but I’m sure we will be back out enjoying our great venues as soon as possible! Lets hope they can all stay open as it would be sad to see any of them go.

Be sure to have a look at my other posts, follow my blog and ask my any questions!

Summer in Leeds – 5 Places you have to visit!

Many students have the perception that Leeds is not the same over summer, without the thousands of University students in Hyde Park and countless student events which are typical of term time. Despite the students not being about, there is definitely plenty of things to get up to, whether you are moving into your new student house or fancy a week back up north with your friends. This post is going to give you 5 of my top places to visit/things to do in Leeds at summertime.

5. Headrow House

Headrow House is situated in the centre of town and has four unique floors you can enjoy with your friends or family. From the ‘Ox Club’, an award-winning contemporary solid fuel grill restaurant on the bottom floor all the way to roof terraces where music and arts events are regularly hosted, there is plenty to do. Headrow house is one of the first places which comes to mind on a summers day, where you can go and enjoy a £5 steak and chips from the Ox Club up on the roof top in Kennedy Meadows. No doubt this will be accompanied with a fresh pint from the beer hall. Make sure if you ever visit to look at any events they have coming up with DJ’s like Folamour, DJ Boring and DJ Seinfeld all doing headlining events at Headrow recently.

Kennedy Meadows is the highest rooftop terrace Headrow has to offer, with views across the city where you can relax and enjoy food and drink in the sun.

4. Leeds Dock

Leeds Dock is an area which so many students never even visit during their time at University here, and they are missing out! Many see the main attraction of Leeds Dock as the nearby Beaverworks club however I can assure you there is much more to the docks you need to explore, especially in the great summer weather. With numerous bars and restaurants, as well as the Royal Armouries Museum there is plenty to do. There is even a free water taxi service between the dock area and town which is ideal if you want to give your legs a rest and not walk to and from town. If you feel like you aren’t getting the most out of living in a massive city like Leeds, this is a great area to visit especially on a hot summers day!

Why not have a read of my other posts on Leeds Dock and the Royal Armouries Museum after this to find out more about what they have to offer?!

3. Dry Dock

Like the majority of this list Dry Dock is great all year round, but really comes to life in the summer months! As number sixteen on the famous Otley run, the weekends at Dry Dock guarantee a good time with great atmosphere. The weekdays also offer enticing student deals with 25p chicken wings on Wednesday’s coupled with endless activities like pool, darts and games consoles to keep you occupied while you eat and drink. Dry Dock is the perfect stop on the way to or back from town to break up that walk from Hyde Park and you will not miss it. As a docked boat which maintains its authentic features it makes a great unique environment and you can’t beat a pint on top of the boat in the sun.

‘We pride ourselves on the day time’s relaxed atmosphere which enables us to serve tasty foods at reasonable prices from 11 am until 10 pm. whilst the quirky nautical theme allows us to expand our entertainment and drinks offers on many evenings up until 2 am.’

‘A trip to Leeds simply wouldn’t be complete without a trip to see us.’

2. Woodhouse Moor

To many students in Leeds this may seem like an extremely obvious option! This is because come March each year if there is a glimpse of sunshine the first thing that comes to mind to a Leeds student is to head to Woodhouse Moor with some mates and some tinnies! With Woodhouse Moor being between campus and most student houses in Hyde Park it would be rude not to stop off and spend a couple of hours chatting away and planning the nights antics in Woodhouse Moor. No doubt there will be the infamous tight-rope walkers, wannabe footballers and blaring music but that’s all part of it. As a cheap way to chill out and catch up with friends this is definitely one of my favourite places to spend time and so why not go make use of the great green space in the city while you can during summer?!

1. Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen

Infamous amongst Leeds students and the number one place to take any visitors or family if they come to Leeds has to be Belgrave. Belgrave has it all and never fails to deliver all year round, but to top it off in summer the newly refurbished terrace beats all others. Whether its for a quick drink, a concert or the best priced pizza in Leeds Belgrave is the place to go! The best rated Pizza in Leeds coupled with a stupidly cheap 2 for 1 daytime deal makes it a go to for all students and a must visit in the summer to make the most of it up on the rooftop. With the likes of Loyle Carner, Jorja Smith and Maribou State all having concerts/events at Belgrave it simply does have it all!

There you have some of my top places to go at summer time in Leeds! These are by no means the only places to go but some which me and my friends would head to as soon as the sun comes out. If you’re in town it is definitely worth heading to the likes of Headrow or Belgrave or even over to Leeds Dock and I can assure you they will not disappoint!

Thanks once again for reading my blog! Please make sure to let me know if there is any places in Leeds you’d like to see me post about or if you have any questions!

Christkindelmarkt- Bringing a traditional German Christmas to Leeds

Millenium Square is in the heart of Leeds city centre, but does it really have a use? Well, each year from the start of November the square get’s transformed into a magnificent winter wonderland, called Christkindelmarkt which represents a traditional German Christmas Market. With around 40 winter themed wooden chalet stalls set up, offering all kinds of gifts, decorations, food and drinks it’s a great place to visit and explore to get in the festive mood!

Wrap up warm and check out all that the market has to offer, a particular favourite when i visited this year was the variety 0f traditional German foods on offer. If you like hashbrowns, make sure you get yourself a Kartoffelpuffer a delicious potato treat. Or maybe some currywurst, a sausage that is sliced up and tossed around in a sweet curry ketchup, usually dusted with curry powder afterwards. This was a personal favourite of mine this year and went down great with a refreshing German lager, although the £5 pint felt slightly steep! I could talk all day about all the enticing foods and sweet treats but you’ll have to head down to try some yourself!

Name a better Christkindelmarkt duo than currywurst and a pint, I’ll wait!

Don’t worry if you usually get very cold, the market is full of cosy places to retreat to and warm up, maybe even with a bit of mulled wine! Alongside the stalls there is a variety of entertainment which takes place throughout the day as well as a traditional Christmas Carousel ride. It is also a perfect place to get any little Christmas themed gifts for any family members, with many unique gifts which will without a doubt make your uni home, or usual home feel all the more festive.

Living in Hyde Park in second year means a venture to town doesn’t come that often. So when my friends and I went this time to the Christmas market we decided to visit somewhere new. Once again, maybe a little expensive however, Assembly Underground is a trendy underground space, and a hub for craft beer and independent street food. It is definitely worth checking out particularly if your parents are up to visit for the weekend, with a great atmosphere and so much on offer. If not there’s always the nearby Spoons!

Get your German phrases at the ready to put to the test down at Millenium Square. Once again it’s another free activity you can do as a student in the weeks leading up to Christmas to get in that mood! Chances are someone you live with will be singing Christmas songs from November 1st so you can just take them there to keep them satisfied! After that why not check out a new place to eat or drink in town while you’re at it?

The German Market is open daily from 10.30am to 9.30pm Monday to Saturday and 10.30am to 7.30pm on Sundays from Fri 10 November.

The UK’s National Collection of Arms & Armour- The Royal Armouries Museum

Leeds is a city full of so many free activities, it’s just about knowing where to find them! The Royal Armouries Museum isn’t far from the city centre at Leeds Dock and is a great place to go especially if you are interested in history! Not only does it showcase hundreds of years of British history it has selections and galleries to show off history from all over the world.

I ended up visiting the Royal Armouries after walking past it everyday to University and eventually thinking what actually do they have in that huge building! It was only then when I asked one of my flat mates who does history if they wanted to go have a look round I found out the answer. With three floors each with different activities and things to do we had a great time looking round. Seeing as it was free, when my family came to visit I took my 13 year old brother there and naturally, he loved it!

Even if you aren’t necessarily interested in history it is still worth a visit! Personally I found the self-defence gallery the most interesting part, displaying the history of personal protection right from the middle ages to the 21st century! In this section I saw all kinds of things ranging from a 20th-century ‘vampire killing kit’ comprised of 19th-century objects: Mallet and stakes, crucifix, rosary beads, Book of Common Prayer, garlic paste and bottles, percussion pocket pistol and bullet mould, all the way to examples of real guns and gadgets which featured in James Bond films over the years!

So, if you are ever stuck for something to do while your family visit, or even on a weekend when you are doing nothing, why not go see the National collection of arms and armour for free! Who knows it might be more interesting than you think!

‘Mind, Body and Spirit’- Light Night Leeds 2019

A new tradition in Leeds which has become increasingly popular is the annual ‘Light Night Leeds’ festival. With artwork spanning across the city, and over 60 free arts events throughout the centre of Leeds, the festival is one of the largest annual arts and lights festivals.

Celebrated this year is ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’ where the art is based on themes to do with our dreams and imagination. This years Light Night Festival spread across two days in October with, some of Leeds’ most recognisable indoor and outdoor spaces transformed by spectacular artworks and captivating performances by local, national and international artists.

Not only is there the visual artwork surrounding you , there’s everything from large-scale light projections and interactive installations, to music, dance and street performances, there is something for everyone! Plus who knows what other places you might find adventuring round new parts of the city!

Once again like bonfire night it’s a free event that is put on in Leeds which is perfect to get to see more of what Leeds has to offer, through showing the arts and creativity within the city! Along with this you can maybe try a new bar or restaurant while in town, getting you out of the flat/house!

Let me know if you want to know about more free events Leeds has on throughout the year!

Liberty Dock! Isn’t that miles away?! – All you need to know about Leeds Dock

Leeds Dock, a place thousands of students miss out on however if you’ve been to the likes of Beaverworks, Costco or the Royal Armouries Museum you’ll know where I mean! The Docks area in Leeds is one many students don’t make the venture out to, mainly because it is commonly perceived there’s nothing there they need to go to. However, for some people like me during the first year the docks might well be where you end up living!

Leeds Dock as you approach it from Leeds Town Centre, with the Royal Armouries in the background

Weirdly enough before I even knew I wanted to go to University when I was 16 I came on a school geography trip all the way up to Leeds from Cambridgeshire. I came to learn about rebranding at where else other than Leeds Dock, which was part of a huge rebranding and regeneration initiative that began in 2013. Little did I know years later when meeting new people the answer to the infamous ‘What halls are you in?’ question would be ‘Liberty Dock’ to which I commonly got a response along the lines of ‘Isn’t that the one really far away?!?’

Here you can see Liberty Dock Residences with the River Aire running alongside it

After spending a year living here I never found myself short of things to do, as well as this I always felt I had everything I needed on my doorstep. With an award winning North Star Coffee Shop where you can simply get a coffee in the morning, or even sit in there to do work as well as a Pizza Express nextdoor, perfect to go to with family and friends who come and visit you! To top it off there’s also a gym, bar and Tesco Express!

With the perks of living at the Docks there’s also all the benefits many people are missing out on by not heading there, with the free admission Royal Armouries Museum a great attraction, showcasing thousands of years of different cultures and their history! If you don’t end up at the Royal Armouries to visit you may end up there at a University ball, with many taking place there.

The Leeds Water Taxis ferry passengers between Granary Wharf & Leeds Dock. They come every 15 minutes and are a great relaxing way to get between the town and the docks!

Mon – Fri: 7am – 7pm
Sat – Sun: 10am – 6pm

Anyone who knows about living at the Liberty Dock residences would never let me forget to talk about the notorious Lib Dock Tesco Express. Here it is a normality for customer assistants to pass countless bottles of vodka across the counter each day to residents of Liberty Dock, and it would of no surprise to then see the exact bottle, empty strateically placed in a flat window days later!

Personally for me it was hard to encourage my Uni friends to brave the trek from campus to the Dock’s however I would strongly recommend heading over! If you’re in town you can get there by the water taxi in 10 minutes or even a nice 15 minute walk past the likes of Call Lane and Brewery Wharf! So if on results day you don’t necessarily get your Uni accomodation of choice and seem to be ‘stuck’ in Liberty Dock, if you ask me its a blessing in disguise!

I’d like to once again thank you for reading my blog! Make sure to come back for all posts Leeds, with a Royal Armouries Museum post coming very soon!

Why not? It’s free! – Bonfire night at Woodhouse Moor

Each year at Woodhouse Moor in Hyde Park, just north of the University campus a free firework display and bonfire takes place in the evening of November 5th. Without a doubt this is a great activity to do with your flat mates or meet up with your course mates, where you wrap up warm and gather at Woodhouse Moor for the display. Alongside the display of fireworks and bonfire, there’s plenty of food stalls and vans to get any hot drinks to keep you nice and warm, or any food you may desire!

Typically the fun doesn’t end there with many people going to socialise at one of the various places surrounding the park, to make a whole evening out of it! Potential places could be Royal Park Pub, which this year had its student night on the same night where drinks were partiucarly cheap! Other possibilities include the Hyde Park Pub which might be the right thing for you if you like a quiz, with HPP hosting a quiz with many prizes to be had! This year for me, looking to go to a quiter place I tried out the Hyde Park Book club, which had livee music playing and a great all round atmosphere!

HPBC has so much to offer, serving food and coffee throughout the day and by night being a place for up and coming DJ’s and artists to perform. With such a range of activites, food and drinks it is definately worth checking out!

If you didn’t make it down to Woodhouse Moor this year or maybe you fancy an even bigger display there are many others across Leeds, with the Roundhay Park display renowned for being great!

The Home of Leeds Street Food- Trinity Kitchens

Located in Leeds City Centre Trinity Kitchens is a great place to stop off in town to fill up on pretty much anything you fancy! Personally when I came across this place I couldn’t believe the sheer amount of options! It was only a few weeks later it came to my attention not only does this quirky food hall have its permanent street food vendors it also rotates six new unique food vans every few weeks and so the options are endless!

Here’s a list of all the different flavours they have going on at the moment! Be sure to check out the Trinity Kitchen website to get the low down on each one.

Out of the times I’ve stopped off at Trinity Kitchen’s I’ve been adamant I’d try something new each time however my personal favourite the Chicago Rib Shack is one I had to go back to. With the ‘Express Lunch’ deal which is available Monday to Friday, from 11am-3pm you get great value for money with a Half Rack of Ribs or Classic Burger plus Fries and a drink only £10.

Whether you want a quick bite to eat, a refreshing milkshake or are looking for a range of cuisines and flavours to chose from, right in the centre of town Trinity Kitchen’s is a must visit. An important thing to add is each of the stalls have student discount valid with a Student ID, it would be rude not to go!

The Biggest Sporting Event of the Year- Varsity 2019

To kick off my posts I’d like to talk about Leeds Varsity! Varsity is a very exciting inter-sport competition between University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett. Each year the universities face off in over 25 sports to see who takes the sporting crown of Leeds Universities! Varsity always proves exhilerating and is constantly talked about among students at the start of term, with the penultimate event being the Men’s Rugby Union Grand Finale at the Emerald Headingley Stadium in the evening, which attracts an audience of over 15,500 students each year.

This years Men’s rugby saw University of Leeds put up a valiant fight with a score of 16-25, with Beckett once again coming out on top, cementing their overall varsity victory scoring 102 points to the oppostions 78.

Here you can see the Original Oak about an hour before this years Rugby Final. Many different societies, mainly sporting traditionally watch the game together, gathering before the game and then going to show their support at the match.

Undoubtedly Leeds Varsity is a spectactle all of Leeds’ students should experience, with almost any sport you can think of being part of it! Why not show your support next year and go and watch your favourite sport, or even participate!

The Journey Begins…


Thanks for joining me!

I’d like to introduce myself, I am Tom, a second year student at the University of Leeds. Initially when I moved to Leeds last year I had countless questions about life here but also couldn’t wait to dive in and see what the city had to offer. After over a year here I now feel like I know it extremely well! Through my blog I would like to show the city in all its glory to make sure everyone can experience all the opportunities across Leeds! I decided that from now on I’d start documenting the things I got up to in my spare time when I wasn’t studying and show people all the city has to offer! Feel free to send me any questions you have and share my blog with others!